Thursday, July 9, 2009

spin spin sugar

First attempt yarn vomit. You can't really tell how crazy this stuff gets, but the super thick part is a really good indication of how bad it looks. It's thick and thin, and this is not what you're looking for. I think this was romney, but I really can't remember. It'll be stored in a plastic bag so whenever I inevitably have a day where nothing is doing what I want it to do I can look at this and remember where I started.

Number two. The penny is just so you can get an idea of the consistency, which is pretty...consistent. This is falkland, which was so nice and soft that I wanted to sit and pet it like a cat. It's furry. I love it. And it was so much easier than the first attempt that I started feeling super brave. Seriously, I kept stopping just to look at how nice this is all turning out. I'm super pleased.
I'm not done with all the falkland (it's AMAZING how much yarn you get from a pound of wool), but I got this merino in the mail, and hopped on it right away. And I was full of hate for it. The fibers are shorter, so it kept breaking, and at some point it broke and wrapped around the bobbin, and I couldn't find the end. I had to cut the yarn to get a new end, which made me go to my happy place and just chalk it up to a learning experience. My consistency isn't as good here, but it still really doesn't look bad. I'm not terribly crazy about the color. I think this will be my plied yarn experiment, too.
In non-fiber news, today is my fourth anniversary, which is a big 'ol yay. I have my stupid math final today (go figure), but I can get a thirty and still make a B, so I'm not worried about it. S and I have no plans, and tomorrow is my birthday, which is a little like having your birthday around Xmas in terms of S buying presents, and we never know what to get each other anyway. But it's still ultimate happiness to wake up to a hot sweaty guy trying to smother you with hugs under the down comforter in the middle of July muttering, "Happy four years, Woman!" at 5AM. Really.

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