Monday, May 18, 2009

His X-man power is keeping us on the grid.

Now S is back, and things have started working again. Rather than being pleased, I'm kind of infuriated. It's not that he's fixing anything. Most of the stuff he just turns on and it magically does what it's supposed to. Like the paper shredder, which I yelled at and gave the finger to for a solid five minutes after S shredded 135 days' worth of junk mail. Or his mouse, which started working when he was playing with his new computer monitors at 3AM (jet lag), so I wasn't there to witness the frustration of that little electronic miracle.

With five business days left, I'm feeling messy and out-of-sorts. Outprocessing has turned out to be anti-climactic. Ninety percent of outprocessing is automatic, making it the easiest transition I've had to make in the past six years. It's ironic.

I'm not really sure what I'll be doing until school starts in August. My leave ends at the beginning of July, at the end of July we're going to a friend's wedding, and then school. It feels like it'll all be just that fast, too. My first summer vacation in years, and it's just gonna zing on by.

When S left I filled my time with projects, and I took two math classes. I'm pretty sure this trend will continue into the summer. I have the wedding present to finish (The Afghan of DOOM, as I call it.), and my June math class. The closet needs...firebombed. But I think I'll settle for simply organizing it. That's a monumental project in and of itself, I may well need my entire summer to finish.

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